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Texangals Puppies for 2017

We have puppies! Our lovely English Toy Terrier, Bonnie, delivered four puppies on August 31st, about four days before we were expecting them (thus ruining a romantic weekend for hubby and me, but we've been given a raincheck by the cottages so we'll get there eventually!). Shhh ... tired mama. The children have always intended to use Monty Python and the Holy Grail names for the puppies, so first one out was immediately called Zoot. Bonnie was quite restless and seeming to try to get comfy to nurse, but NO! She was actually contracting to deliver a teeny, tiny little thing we called Coco. The third was called Dennis, even though she is a girl, and finally, we were blessed with Tim. Dennis, Zoot, and Tim with the kids - (Coco was sleeping) Bonnie turned out to be a great mom, but we were worried about little Coco. The others were born at 4 1/2 ounces or around 130 grams, but Coco was only 2 ounces and 60 grams. We think perhaps she was Zoot's twin, sharing