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The Decision-Tree of a Breeder

Don't Breed for Greed!

First Furrever Homes for the Holy Grail Litter

Meet Justina from Minnesota. Last month, her beloved miniature pinscher of 14 years passed suddenly, and she searched and searched online for a little girl puppy to try to fill the hole in her heart. Justina's Soul Mate Within a few hours of my appeal to online homeschooling moms who pray for people's prayer requests, Justina was contacting me about Dennis. I knew this was the one. We were bandying ideas back and forth, feeling each other out, when her Facebook feed turned up a neighbor who wanted one of the puppies, too, so Tim was now spoken for. It was just a few days later when Justina arrived in Central Texas on a Delta flight to pick up both Dennis and Tim. A Fabulous Threesome! Little could I guess that Justina would bond so much with Tim over night that she talked the neighbor out of keeping him, and has now adopted both puppies into her family's lives. Cuddling Dennis would put anyone to sleep! Don't forget Auntie Bailey, th

She's the One: Meet Zoot

After lots of video and lots of long phone conversations, after bribing my young teenager to splice film and photos into a montage, after changing my mind one way and then another, it is finally time to announce the puppy that we're going to keep with us at Texangals: Meet Zoot. Zoot was our first born. She has always been the confident one, and when it comes to moving on the lead, she's happy to move ahead of me instead of being tugged along like her mama! There are times when I see her in the grass outside that I'm reminded of our little boy puppy, Ozzie, who died last year, but she's got more balance to her than I remembered of him. Even from a young age, she impressed me with her commanding presence. What I like about her, too, is how she's so comfortable in the group or alone, such as here when she's showing off her new sweater made out of fluffy socks (she's in the bright green).               Of cours

Week Nine and Growing

The pups are now sporting their collars so we can tell them apart. We took them through their paces this week to make videos that we could share with our breeding mentors: nothing too professional as my kids had the time and the desire to make a few bucks, and I didn't have the time to do more than that. My boy "Busy Timmy" with Puppy #1 Zoot After a few aborted attempts to navigate the AKC website today, I got a very helpful customer service person named Amy to help me through the process. The next step will be to choose the puppies' official names, but Amy suggested I do this with the owners so we pay only one fee. Sounds good to me! On the progress front, Mr Tim is not only the most photogenic because he keeps crossing his paws, he is also the first to use the doggy door! (Mr Banksy who is now 13 months took about 7 months to work this one out: Tim took about 7 weeks. Clever chap!) Tim with Mama, not to be confused with Busy Timmy I was very im