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Two New Champions - Bonnie and Trish are now TKN!

While we've all been staying home and sheltering because of Covid-19, we have taken advantage of the AKC's offer to video our dogs doing tricks, submitting them to evaluators online, and qualifying for Trick Dog titles. Today, we got official notice that Bonnie and Trish have both received their TKN titles, meaning Trick Dog Novice. Bonnie, being a champion already, had to do only five tricks, but Trish as a 7-mos old puppy and not yet a champion, had to perform 10 tricks. Their entry videos that their owner/handler junior, Joey, edited and submitted are on our Texangals youtube channel: I'll link to them at the bottom. So without further ado, I now give you: CH Bluebonnet Dreaming Spires at Texangals TKN Texangals Trish Spicy Lady TKN Bonnie's video: Trish's video:

Da Zoomie Boiz are 2 weeks today!

We had three beautiful puppies born on April Fool's Day, 2020. They came out the easy way, head first, and none were what I'd call a runt, though we do have one that currently is a couple of ounces smaller than his brothers. Because Dad's nickname is Bentley and mama is English, we decided to think about names of famous British cars for this litter, and so meet: Robin Reliant (red), Mini Cooper (light blue), and Aston Martin (silver). Mom and babies are doing well, and we're starting to see those lovely little peepers! They have been good company in these weird days of shutdown over the virus fears: if it hadn't been for the virus, I'd be going for a business trip to England soon, and missing 3 precious weeks of their lives and socialization period.