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Spring has Sprung

It was so good to get out this weekend with the dogs and not be hundreds of miles away at a show. March in Texas means bluebonnets, so obviously, I had to get our foundation mama, Bonnie, out there for her annual photo: her official name is "Bluebonnet Dreaming Spires", after all! Then she started running through the butterweed. Zoot and Ted had a terrific time when chasing each other at the local lake, prompting people to come over to us and ask if they were Italian greyhounds!

March 2019 will go down in History!

It felt like the treadmill was on high speed, but the ultimate reward was worth it! Chilling after a crazy month The month of March saw my son and me traveling from dog show to dog show, all of which were more than 2 1/2 hours from our home so we stayed in Air BnBs rather than waking at 4 am and trying to get the girls to the ring in some kind of decent frame of mind. The long and the short of it was that all three of our girls - Bonnie, Zoot, and Ted - were picked as top bitches at some point during the month, gaining points and majors, and ultimately, we FINISHED the championship for Bonnie at Navasota! Bonnie, the new champion Ted gets her first points while still a puppy Zoot gets a major We're so excited that Bonnie can now retire and focus on having babies while her daughters, Zoot and Ted, can continue their campaigns for champion status. If you want one of Bonnie's future babies, be sure to fill in a puppy application and get into o

Number 19!!!!

I'm absolutely shocked to see that my foundation bitch, "Bonnie", is currently ranked 19th in the country in Toy Manchesters. We were hoping to "finish" her in the next few shows and retire her, but now we are re-thinking that plan: wouldn't it be great to build on this success and actually get INVITED to a show?? This may "pause" our plans to breed her till the next season so she can attend any show that she might get invited to, but I think it's worth it to plunge ahead while we have a start on it already. In the meantime, we are scouring the country from north/south/east/west for the best mate for her when we next prepare for a litter. It's so hard: so many nice dogs around, but we want to get the best breeding lines, best body type, best temperament, most genetically sound, and ... closest geographically??? ... dog we can find, and sometimes, all those competing details are hard to line up just right. Especially the geogra