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Road Trip to Nationals

With Christmas looming, what do I do? Drive 1100 miles from Texas to Florida of course! Come and read my debrief of the AKC National Dog Show in Orlando. Road Trip Puppy! Orlando sees the annual pilgrimage of doggy people for the AKC National Championship dog show. I went along to a) socialize Zoot for road trips, motels, and the dog show atmosphere, b) to meet a lot of the main players in the Manchester Terrier (both Toy and Standard, and agility!) scene, and c) volunteer on the Meet the Breeds stand. I was very heartened that Zoot was a good traveller. She slept a lot in the car, chewed on her bones, discovered the taste for a big chunk of natural low-salt beef jerky. At the show, she took it all in without being nervous. In the motel rooms, she had quite a good time in whizzing around the rooms with her toys, and best of all, didn't bark whenever there was a bump, a noise, or someone talking in the motel rooms. Meeting the breeders and show people was my high

Coco Goes Home

Coco, the Christmas present, arrives at her Furrever Home! For those of you who have been tracking the fate of this little puppy since she first entered the world at a mere 2 ounces, her journey has come to a wonderful and loving end: she has gone home to my friend's mother who lives a mere ten miles from me! Surprise! You got a puppy from Santa!!! No, I am not just trying to keep an eye on her! We're expecting great things from our little bundle of clever smartness when she enters Good Citizen training. Judging from her being the first to potty train - at 6 weeks! - I think it will be an easy road to success!! You've come a long way, Baby!  Did you spot Coco's head under her mother's eye on the bottom right???