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New Map of Texangals

On various Facebook groups for this breed, we're discussing ways to protect the future, and one of the ways is to communicate with each other about where the breedable dogs are, so I've made this map for the Texangals extended family. One thing that's obvious is that we have a lot of young dogs out there, which is understandable given that I'm a new breeder, my oldest litter being still under 3, and my youngest, just 7 weeks old. But you have to start somewhere, and so this is a snapshot of where neutered, spayed, and whole dogs are located throughout the country, to help other TMT breeders get in contact with me if there is a Texangal dog living near them. I suppose one could assume that we're breeding tons and tons of dogs, but given that all of North America saw a total of 162 puppies in 2019, you can see this is not about churning out dogs just for the fun of it. In fact, the trajectory is that we'll be out of our beloved black & tans in fewer th