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Bon Voyage, Bizarre Litter!

The Bizarre adventure has entered a new phase: all our puppies are now with their new owners and going onto their new pathways. Rohan and Lisa Lisa have gone to show homes, and look for their debuts in February 2020. Suzy Q has gone to a homeschooling family in South Texas, where the big plan is for her to be the daddy's roadie - that is, if he can prise her from the little missy who has attached her to her lap at all times! Suzy's first moment as a barn dog Lisa, the taco bed, and her new sweater Rohan with Tonda And Trish? We've kept Texangals Trish Spicy Lady for ourselves, with my son "Busy Timmy" as her co-owner and future owner handler. He piloted Trish's mama to her championship last year, so we know he's up for the job! Stay tuned for more puppies in the future: we will probably be breeding our 2-year-old show dog, Zoot, in the early part of 2020, and may try for one more litter from Bonnie before we retire her.