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Why Pedigree Dogs?

Rescuing a dog is a noble thing and I don't want to dissuade you if that's your desire; however, if you're planning on spending 4-figures on a dog, please think carefully about how to choose wisely when it comes to your pet.

Registered breeds have certain ... ahem ... common traits.

Many breeds of pedigree dogs do not cost 4 figures, and yet, you will be getting an animal with registration papers that proves who the parents are. And not just the parents, but grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.

The best breeders will use these generational lines to choose the best matings, improving any weaknesses and strengthening the good bits. Also, by health testing the parents for any known issues that can show up in their breed, the breeders will be doing their best to minimize any health problems in future generations.

This is also true of the kinds of traits you want. It's much easier to ensure certain behaviors, temperaments, requirements, and even attributes, if you buy a puppy of a single breed and not a mixed one. For example, if it's really important for you to have a dog with a non-shedding coat, then you really don't want to buy a puppy that has a shedding breed as one of its parents, even if the mate is a breed that doesn't shed.

In other words, only non-shedding + non-shedding will get you a non-shedding dog. Anything else is much more of a lottery.

ETTs are a breed that needs minimal grooming!

So please don't listen to the naysayers who try to say that pedigree dogs are weak, unhealthy, inbred. Instead, they have been carefully selected for the best matches, and thus the breed is strengthened when you get good breeders behind your puppy.

I know that I have found a wonderful community of breeders of English Toy Terriers/American Manchester Toy Terriers throughout the world - people who have the best of the breed at heart, and will mentor you, support you, guide you, and even WARN you!!!

Look, if there are fewer than 100 of these born in your country a year, there are going to be champions of the breed who want to see that those 100 are well-cared-for!!!

At Texangals, we count ourselves among those who are trying to conserve the breed for its hardy and friendly traits, and to mentor those who come after us and who want to be champions of the little black and tans with big hearts!

Want to find a puppy of a different breed? I have used this site before, but do beware: not all breeders are as ethical as we are at Texangals, so do your research!

Puppies for Sale on - A premier online destination for finding puppies for sale of AKC recognized, rare and mixed breeds. Offers a comprehensive online directory of dog breeders, stud service providers, dog related products and services, dog friendly hotels and airlines, and many useful tools and resources for finding and raising a puppy.


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