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Week Nine and Growing

The pups are now sporting their collars so we can tell them apart. We took them through their paces this week to make videos that we could share with our breeding mentors: nothing too professional as my kids had the time and the desire to make a few bucks, and I didn't have the time to do more than that.

My boy "Busy Timmy" with Puppy #1 Zoot

After a few aborted attempts to navigate the AKC website today, I got a very helpful customer service person named Amy to help me through the process. The next step will be to choose the puppies' official names, but Amy suggested I do this with the owners so we pay only one fee.

Sounds good to me!

On the progress front, Mr Tim is not only the most photogenic because he keeps crossing his paws, he is also the first to use the doggy door! (Mr Banksy who is now 13 months took about 7 months to work this one out: Tim took about 7 weeks. Clever chap!)

Tim with Mama, not to be confused with Busy Timmy

I was very impressed with our stacking and walking sessions this week, especially considering that the table I usually use for ring craft is still dismantled from the international move so we had to just use the driveway.

How nice is that? Good job, Zoot
(ignore the trash can in the back!)

So let's not leave out the little sisters.

Dennis, who is a girl ... ????

And the way to make Coco look big ... zoom in!

She's got the right idea!

This week with Halloween coming up, the neighbor kids were all outside to help decorate their yards, and the puppies got involved ... perhaps more than they were bargaining for!

Socializing in the neighborhood

I can't believe our time together is drawing to a close, and even then, I've kept them longer than any of the other three English Toy Terrier puppies I bought in the UK. The things I expected them to do so young, like walk on a lead ... we had to literally drag Bonnie for at least a month before she decided she'd walk along with us.

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon ... Mama didn't like to go

Next time, I will announce who is going to be the puppy that I keep, and introduce the new families of the kiddos. It will be fun to do this all again soon!''


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