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July 2021 Update - Puppies Coming Soon


Zoot is from the very first litter I ever bred at Texangals, the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Litter, and coming off the back of a wonderful set of five potential show puppies, I have really high hopes for the quality of her litter with Robbie.

I bred Robbie, too: he was the gentle and sweet boy from the "Bizarre Adventure" litter from 2019 (Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure is an anime that I'm particularly fond of, and Robbie's registered name comes from one of the characters on it). He is owned by Tonda Curry and Terry Fehrman from the Canton area of Texas.

Rohan Kishibe, aka "Heaven's Door"

Both Zoot and Robbie have pedigrees that are heavily influenced by their English roots, with a generous helping of Maggical/Rosewood and a splash of St Lazar.

They're also a couple of lovely, portable, compact 10-pounders, and talk about athleticism, Zoot has always shown that she was born with springs in her legs, jumping over 32-inch x-pens from a standstill, or a couch, or from the couch to the grooming table, so these puppies are likely to be on the smaller size with a lot of versatility for performance or conformation.

The litter is shaping up to be on the smaller size in terms of numbers, so we'll just have to keep praying for a simple birth and healthy babies. 

If you're interested in being considered as a future owner of one of these puppies, then please go to the page about our puppy application and click the link for instructions about how to send it to me.

Going-home dates look to be about mid-September, all being well.


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