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November 2021

 I can't believe how much has happened and I've not been writing about it! Champions then Grand Champions and more puppies: really, what have I been doing, sitting on all these great brags? Let's work our way backwards, starting with the latest little bundle of scrumptiousness, our little Carpe Diem baby, "DJ" - he is the last puppy of our foundation dam, Grand Champion Bluebonnet Dreaming Spires at Texangals TKN. We bred her to her grandson, Grand Champion Texangals Diego's Got His Knives Out, to solidify those English genes before I spay and retire her. Family Portrait: Bonnie with DJ and Diego We had another set of puppies in July when we bred Champion Texangals Zoot Just Zoot to Texangals Rohan Heavens Door: Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Lois is now called Lucy and already starting off her promising show career; Jimmy is now called Winston and is enjoying his life near Dallas as a man of leisure! Texangals Little Miss Lois Lane Our other big news recently com
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July 2021 Update - Puppies Coming Soon

  Zoot is from the very first litter I ever bred at Texangals, the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Litter, and coming off the back of a wonderful set of five potential show puppies, I have really high hopes for the quality of her litter with Robbie. I bred Robbie, too: he was the gentle and sweet boy from the "Bizarre Adventure" litter from 2019 (Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure is an anime that I'm particularly fond of, and Robbie's registered name comes from one of the characters on it). He is owned by Tonda Curry and Terry Fehrman from the Canton area of Texas. Rohan Kishibe, aka "Heaven's Door" Both Zoot and Robbie have pedigrees that are heavily influenced by their English roots, with a generous helping of Maggical/Rosewood and a splash of St Lazar. They're also a couple of lovely, portable, compact 10-pounders, and talk about athleticism, Zoot has always shown that she was born with springs in her legs, jumping over 32-inch x-pens from a standstil

May 2021 Update

Well, apologies for posting after only a fair few months to say that Zoot's puppies have come and mostly gone (we kept one of them), and in the meantime, Katie has been in the show ring a few times and picked up some points which we're really happy about given that she's only just 7 months even now. To be honest, I'm way more current on the Instagram page that you see by clicking here: TexangalsTMTs In a couple of weeks' time, we'll be hitting the northbound highway for the Manchester Terrier national specialty in Kalamazoo. Katie will show in bred-by, whereas Zoot's keeper, Diego, will still be too young for anything but Beginner Puppy. I've decided to take along Granny Bonnie for a couple of fun classes like Brood Bitch and Brace, just because I'm not sure when there will next be two of Bonnie's puppy in the ring at the same show. This year, it will be Trish, co-owned with Jerri Gillean of Go West Performance Manchesters (Washington state), and

Zoot's Puppies are Here!

  Zoot fooled us all and had her litter of 5 puppies in the week BEFORE Christmas, all hearty and hale at the very creditable weights between 5 and 6 ounces. All puppies are currently reserved, but we are taking applications to get on the list for the next set of puppies we hope to have in the summer.

Guess the Dog's Name Challenge

It’s the big, big thing on Facebook right now, showing a photo of your dog with another beside it that relates to your dog’s name. I have been wary of joining in: these Facebook things are ways of data gathering, and I’m very suspicious of them. Also, you may be hard-pressed to work out most of mine! So for your viewing pleasure (or not), here is the dog name challenge for Texangals while I’m down to just the three girls.

Put in my Request to Santa!


A New Champion - Oct 2020

The tension was so palpable at the Humble show in Texas over the weekend of the 7th and 8th of October where I had entered Bonnie, Zoot, Trish, and took Lisa along with us for her owner. Zoot, entered in Open Bitch, has been knocking on the door of her last major for ages, but on the Sunday, she finally did it. Not only did she win the WB major, she went back into the challenge round and beat the Specials for BOV, too! I was only Zoot's 2nd time to be piloted by a handler, a need arising from my having entered 4 bitches and being all on my own. Thanks to Barbara Wood for her help with the little ones while I swapped between Trish and Bonnie. Texangals Zoot Just Zoot is from the very first litter we ever bred at Texangals, and the first of Bonnie's offspring to achieve her champion status.